SURCAR North America 2021


September 28th - Morning sessionsPaint Shop Real Life

8:45 am EST - SURCAR Congress President welcome remarks
  • Kenny WHITE, Director, Vehicle Systems Global Paint, GENERAL MOTORS
8:50 am EST - Session Chairmen welcome note
  • Kenny WHITE, Director, Vehicle Systems Global Paint, GENERAL MOTORS
  • April STEVENS, Chief Engineer Global Paint Engineering, FORD MOTOR COMPANY
8:55 am EST -  Expandability in Paint shop design - Lucid motors casa Grande Arizona
  • Aimee KIETA, Senior Paint Project Manager, LUCID MOTORS 
  • Kevin WHITALL, Key Account Manager, DÜRR SYSTEMS 
 9:20 am EST - Two Tone Vehicles Utilizing a BASF’s ColorFuse Monocoat
  • Mike NELSON, Paint Process Manager, ABB 
  • Kevin SLUSARCZYK, Field Service Manager - Regional, BASF  
9:50 am EST - Refreshment break & Exhibition tour
10:30 am EST - FORD Hermosillo lean successful launch
  •  Bryan PARKER, Launch Coordinator FORD 
  • Shawn DVONCH, Senior Engineer,  FORD
  • Jim SCHAFER, Key Account Manager, DÜRR SYSTEMS 
11:00 am EST - Practical Application & Robust Benefits of Next Generation Metal Pretreatment for High Aluminum Vehicle Bodies 
  • Edis KAPIC, Paint Materials Development and Release Supervisor, FORD 
  • David GEORGE, Surface Treatment Technical Manager, HENKEL
11:25 am EST - Panel Discussion

12:15 pm EST - Lunch & Lucky draw 

12:20 pm EST - Exhibition Partner Pitch Presentation

September 28th - Afternoon sessionsNEW PROCESSES AND PRODUCT

1:45 pm EST - Session chairmen welcome
  • Vernon COMEAUX, Manufacturing Engineering, Sr. Manager – ME Paint, STELLANTIS
  • Mike NELSON, Paint Process Manager, ABB
1:50 pm EST - Accelerated Paintshop Construction
  • Adam LACKNER, Manufacturing Engineering Director- Paint Operations, STELLANTIS 
  • Dominic VENTOLA, Director- Project Management, GIFFIN
2:15 pm EST - Automatic backwashing filter for E-coat bath purification
  • Stefan STRASSER, Product Manager, LENZING
2:35 pm EST - Digitalization and AI - how can new methods support the process of automotive paint production 
  • Ralph WÖRHEIDE, Managing Director, ORENTEC
2:55 pm EST - Print Paint..and more with PRiNTECTM
  • Dale CARR, Director Technology & Innovation, SAMES KREMLIN
3:15 pm EST - Refreshment break & Exhibition tour  

4:00 pm EST - Paint shop of the future - volume 2
  • Mark MURRAY,  Director of Sales, DÜRR SYSTEMS
4:20 pm EST  - The efficient ROB-Dry Scrubber System can replace a current paint eliminator section in a 2.5 - week shutdown
  • Walt GREGORY, Department Manager Technical Planning Leader, BMW 
  • Cassiano FABRIS, CEO, WENKER
4:45 pm EST - 3MTM Robotic Paint Repair Systems
  • Marc TORNERO, AI Vision and Robotics Lead Engineer (Global Paint), FORD MOTOR COMPANY
  •  Scott BARNETT, Director – Application Engineering, Robotics and Automation, 3M
5:10 pm EST - Panel discussion

5:30 pm EST - End of the Day 


September 29th - Morning sessionsSUSTAINABILITY

8:40 am EST - Congress President Welcome notes
  • Kenny WHITE, Director - Vehicle Systems Global Paint, GENERAL MOTORS
8:45 am EST - Keynote Presentation 
  • Geraldine BARNUEVO , Senior Manager Sustainability, GENERAL MOTORS 
9:10 am EST - Session Chair persons welcome notes
  • Yuko GIDCUMB, Senior Manager of Materials Development, TOYOTA
  • Sean MCKOEN, Vice President Global Account Management, BASF  
9:15 am EST - How General Motors and Gallagher-Kaiser are accelerating construction for the next generation of General Motors EV Paint 
  • Peter ADGALANIS, Engineering Group Manager, GENERAL MOTORS 
  • Jim PAKKALA, Director - Sales & Estimating, GALLAGHER-KAISER
9:40 am EST - Impact of Sustainability trend on the Paintshop 
  • Sanghamitra SIRCAR, Global product Manager – Topcoat systems, AXALTA
9:55 am EST - Coatings enabling automotive state of the art battery construction
  • Dr. Stephan WINKELS, Vice President Surface Treatment, Cleaners & Lubricants NA & LAN, HENKEL
10:10 am EST - Refreshment break & Exhibition tour 

10:55 am EST - Integrating ED and adhesive expanded cure capabilities to resolve EV challenges
  • Courtney BALLIET, Groupe Leader A&S, PPG
  • Vivek BADARINARAYANA, Groupe Leader SPS, PPG
11:10 am EST - Achieving Premium Appearance in an Aging Paint Shop
  •  Mark JOHNSON, Operational Excellence Champion, GENERAL MOTORS  
  • Kevin TURLEY, Development Chemist, BASF
11:35 am EST - Building a Water Team to Find Water Reduction Opportunities 
  • Tamberlyn SHELL, Environmental Engineer, FORD MOTOR COMPANY 
  •  Dave BALL, Corporate Account Manager - Global transportation, NALCO WATER
12:00 pm EST -  Panel discussion

12:25 pm EST - Lunch & Lucky draw

September 29th - Afternoon sessionsElectric Vehicle

2:00 pm EST - Session chairmen welcome note
  • Murray FULMER, Paint Automation Manager, LUCID MOTORS
2:05 pm EST - Phased launch process of a premium paintshop
  • Murray FULMER, Paint Automation Manager, LUCID MOTORS
  • Matthew SIKOWSKI, Director of Engineering, FANUC 
  • Zachary GEYSER, Lead Customer Support Chemist, PPG
2:35 pm EST - Development of Ecoat with Expanded Bake Window
  • Rob SCHILLER, Ecoat Technical Service Manager, BASF 
  • Rob RINGE, Ecoat Product Manager, BASF 
2:50 pm EST - Battery Tray and cover robotic handling system
  • Paul DURANT, Engineering Group Manager Paint Facilities, GENERAL MOTORS
  • Dean DOEHERTY, Senior Paint Facilities Engineer, GENERAL MOTORS  
  • Patrick GRAY, Project Manager, FANUC
3:20 pm EST - The future of color development: digital color styling
  • Sabine GRIESBECK, Digital Technical Manager Automotive, PPG
3:35 pm EST - Refreshment break & Exhibition tour

4:15 pm EST - Panel Discussion

4:30 pm EST - Awards Ceremony